Chapter 6: Greenwater

Upon arriving in Greenwater, the party was determined to discover what nefarious plots Gral had in store for the unsuspecting city.  Yunlan made a snap decision to get discovered by Gral as he was following him, clearly flustering Gral and putting him off his game.  Book, Zethro, and Wrecker warned the temple of Zephyros that Gral may be up to no good, but they were skeptical of the threat.

The next day, Book and Zethro, disguised as father and son, cleverly infiltrated a secret meeting between Gral and his new desired master, Bellweather.  Bellweather is wary of Gral, and is testing him by having him gather a specific kind of moss before accepting him as an apprentice.  The party intends to beat Gral to the moss, and perhaps trade it for information…

-Zethro, 09/24

Chapter 5: Snakes on a Boat

The wizard Fanch was very willing, if not eager, to discuss her apprentices unscrupulous activities.  Though she could not abandon the baron's son Gral in a plane of torment for all eternity, she could make all the hair fall out of his body and turn his skin bright yellow.  Upon learning that Gral had left Softsand, the party decided to follow in an attempt to uncover and thwart whatever schemes he is cooking up next.  

Adding petty fraud to a growing list of morally questionable decisions, our heroes purchased passage aboard a boat to Greenwater.  In a stroke of some shade of luck, they were attacked en route by a rather enormous sea-snake.  Luckily, Zethro nobly sacrificed his body to distract the beast, allowing Book to deliver two extremely well placed strikes, bringing the monster down!  If that were not enough, Book exhibited what can only be called professional salesmanship, nearly doubling the party's accumulated wealth selling the beast's carass in the Greenwater market.

It is worth noting that Yulan did not allow Zetho to be crushed to death when givin the opportunity.  Things are looking good for the party's cohesion.

-Zethro, 07/16

Chapter 4: Party Crashers

In preparation for a night of committing mass fraud, whilst imitating a deity, Zethro and Yulan stealthily hid outside the warehouse where N.E.T. (Neighbors Eliminating Threats) was holding their next meeting as Book and Wrecker performed their infiltration.  Somehow, in what can only be described as astronomically bad luck, two members of NET stumbled into Yulan and Zethro despite the fact that they were behind a rather impressive minor illusion.  Thinking quickly, Yulan distracted the two passersby, making them think they had agitated a snake.  In what was perhaps a somewhat overaggressive move, Yulan proceeded to bludgeon one of the men while his back was turned, forcing Zethro to do likewise to the other.  It is unlikely that any bards will sing the tale of how Zethro and Yulan proceeded to mug the two helpless passersby on the way to their neighborhood watch meeting.

Meanwhile, Book and Wrecker were making new friends within NET, who were eager to accept any outside help they could find in dealing with Ungween's sacred creatures.  Wrecker was very helpful indeed, pointing out the arachnid infestation which was plaguing the meeting location.  To the surprise of all, he took on the burden of cleansing the warehouse personally.  With his greataxe.  

As Wrecker proceeded with the much needed floor removal, Book casually deposited Zethro's mushroom poison into the group's ale.  Unfortunately, one of his newfound friends was very close by at the time, and insisted on sharing a pint with Book.  Book is not in for a pleasant evening.

Just as the meeting began building momentum, Yulan and Zethro cast their illusion.  From within Zethro's magic fog, Yulan cast 3 lightning bolts, destroying part of the roof, but miraculously not injuring anyone inside, then with a thaumaturgically enhanced voice, very clearly communicated Ungween's displeasure at NET's actions.  It seems likely at this time that the group will start taking their boats the long way around Ungween's children for the forseeable future.

The party plans on checking up on the wizard Fanch, and hopefully her apprentice Gral, if he still resides in this plane.  Irregardless, the party will also investigate the reach of the baron and his son's influence throughout the city, and perhaps start working to make their lives a little less comfortable…

-Zethro, 06/11

Chapter 3: Unmasking

The first group to respond to the party's invitation was led by the Baron's son.  He was sufficiently "intimidated" by the party's claim to be part of an organization known as the "Grey Hand" to request a job as proof of our intent.  We are to disrupt the shrine to Dactylon in Carroc.

A few minutes after the the Baron's son departed, the wizard Fanch popped through a dimensional door.  She was none too happy with regards to what happened to Elden, but she seemed most distressed with regards to the fact that some shady business was occurring under her nose.  She seemed to put particular blame on one of her other apprentices, Gral.  I would not want to be that man.  

Meanwhile, Priest Angal has requested our aid in protecting some of Ungween's sacred carnivorous, man-eating beasts from some uppity townsfolk.  The party intends to plead Ungween's case at the next town meeting.  In support of this meeting, Zethro and Wrecker were nearly eaten by spiders.

-Zethro, 05/07

Chapter 2: Invitations

As Book, Yulan, and Zethro deliberated with regards to the best way to deal with the magical device which seemed to be draining the spring's power, Wrecker determined it was vulnerable to repeatedly being bashed with a sword.  This technique has been documented for future use.

 The party then made their way to Softsand, where they made contacts with clergy within the temples of Magna and Ungween.  Neither of these temples seemed particularly empathetic to the Baron, in fact, the party has offered aid to Priest Angal.  Additionally, the group discovered that the power of Brightwater's spring had been siphoned into a fountain belonging to the temple of Camden, which coincidentally contained a device similar to the one which was Wreckered in Brightwater.  In order to discover who is behind these nefarious deeds, our heroes have arranged for a surprise meeting with the three most likely suspects in Softsand:  the Baron, the wizard, and the temple of Camden…

-Zethro, 04/09

Chapter 1: The Lost Spring

Our pox-infected heroes were ruthlessly attacked by the elf, Elden, and his mercenary guards, whilst performing their civic duty investigating the mysterious malfunction of Brightwater's magic spring.  Unfortunately, Elden and one of his guards were slain (Wreckered) resisting arrest.  

Upon forcing Elden's shade into a zone of truth, it was discovered that the spring's power was "stolen" by the "Lord of Pearls." The only clue remaining is the mysterious vial of magic glue, which Zethro intends to investigate further, before the party makes way to Softsand to learn more of the Lord of Pearls and his nefarious ambitions.

-Zethro, 3/26


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