Chapter 2: Invitations

As Book, Yulan, and Zethro deliberated with regards to the best way to deal with the magical device which seemed to be draining the spring's power, Wrecker determined it was vulnerable to repeatedly being bashed with a sword.  This technique has been documented for future use.

 The party then made their way to Softsand, where they made contacts with clergy within the temples of Magna and Ungween.  Neither of these temples seemed particularly empathetic to the Baron, in fact, the party has offered aid to Priest Angal.  Additionally, the group discovered that the power of Brightwater's spring had been siphoned into a fountain belonging to the temple of Camden, which coincidentally contained a device similar to the one which was Wreckered in Brightwater.  In order to discover who is behind these nefarious deeds, our heroes have arranged for a surprise meeting with the three most likely suspects in Softsand:  the Baron, the wizard, and the temple of Camden…

-Zethro, 04/09



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