Chapter 3: Unmasking

The first group to respond to the party's invitation was led by the Baron's son.  He was sufficiently "intimidated" by the party's claim to be part of an organization known as the "Grey Hand" to request a job as proof of our intent.  We are to disrupt the shrine to Dactylon in Carroc.

A few minutes after the the Baron's son departed, the wizard Fanch popped through a dimensional door.  She was none too happy with regards to what happened to Elden, but she seemed most distressed with regards to the fact that some shady business was occurring under her nose.  She seemed to put particular blame on one of her other apprentices, Gral.  I would not want to be that man.  

Meanwhile, Priest Angal has requested our aid in protecting some of Ungween's sacred carnivorous, man-eating beasts from some uppity townsfolk.  The party intends to plead Ungween's case at the next town meeting.  In support of this meeting, Zethro and Wrecker were nearly eaten by spiders.

-Zethro, 05/07



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