Half-Elf Cleric of Magna


Yulan came into Brightwater three years ago with a traveling caravan. Around the same time, the town’s undertaker Jarash took ill from a venomous spider bite and was unable to perform his duties. Mayor Fara saw an opportunity and asked Yulan to take the job (“just until we find a replacement should the worst happen”). Jarash died, and Yulan has been “acting” undertaker ever since.

Being a cleric of Our Lady of Mysteries has helped, although tensions sometimes arise with the local temple of Ungween. However, Yulan gets along well with a local smuggler turned paladin named Book.

He’s also befriended a local investigative wizard and fellow Magna devotee named Zethro after helping out with some mysterious deaths a few months back.

Wrecker helps him out by moving bodies sometimes.

Yulan has a pretty good relationship with Rikki over at the Laughing Lark, and you’ll usually find him there when he’s not at the morgue.


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