Chapter 5: Snakes on a Boat

The wizard Fanch was very willing, if not eager, to discuss her apprentices unscrupulous activities.  Though she could not abandon the baron's son Gral in a plane of torment for all eternity, she could make all the hair fall out of his body and turn his skin bright yellow.  Upon learning that Gral had left Softsand, the party decided to follow in an attempt to uncover and thwart whatever schemes he is cooking up next.  

Adding petty fraud to a growing list of morally questionable decisions, our heroes purchased passage aboard a boat to Greenwater.  In a stroke of some shade of luck, they were attacked en route by a rather enormous sea-snake.  Luckily, Zethro nobly sacrificed his body to distract the beast, allowing Book to deliver two extremely well placed strikes, bringing the monster down!  If that were not enough, Book exhibited what can only be called professional salesmanship, nearly doubling the party's accumulated wealth selling the beast's carass in the Greenwater market.

It is worth noting that Yulan did not allow Zetho to be crushed to death when givin the opportunity.  Things are looking good for the party's cohesion.

-Zethro, 07/16


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