Chapter 6: Greenwater

Upon arriving in Greenwater, the party was determined to discover what nefarious plots Gral had in store for the unsuspecting city.  Yunlan made a snap decision to get discovered by Gral as he was following him, clearly flustering Gral and putting him off his game.  Book, Zethro, and Wrecker warned the temple of Zephyros that Gral may be up to no good, but they were skeptical of the threat.

The next day, Book and Zethro, disguised as father and son, cleverly infiltrated a secret meeting between Gral and his new desired master, Bellweather.  Bellweather is wary of Gral, and is testing him by having him gather a specific kind of moss before accepting him as an apprentice.  The party intends to beat Gral to the moss, and perhaps trade it for information…

-Zethro, 09/24


captainzifna lpcoduti

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