Dactylon, Lord of the Wilds – Domain: Undomesticated Flora/Fauna

Zephyrus, Lady of Light and Shadow – Weather, winds, and rains of all kinds.

Ungween, Lady of the Waters - Everything from the well in your town square to the untamed seas.

Nayse, Lord of Curiosity – Merchants/Trade, exploration, and curiosity in general.

Camden, Lord of Preparations - Farming, Animal Husbandry, but also any sort of action taken today that will only bear fruit tomorrow

Libralan, Lady of Learning - Magic/Sun/Stars/Moon/Scholarship

Pratch, Lord of Patience - Craftspeople/Artists, everything from forgework to poetry

Roga, Lord of Love - Home/Hearth/Protection/Family. Also romance, but only the serious kind – you might offer him a prayer before tendering a marriage proposal, but you wouldn't expect him to look kindly at your alehouse indiscretions.

Magna, Lady of Mysteries – God of Death/Secrets

Tyr, Lady of Competition – War/Battle/Competition


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