Brightwater is a small but prosperous town (around 2,000 people) that sprung up after the discovery of a small spring sacred to Ungween in the nearby hills. The water of this spring cures all disease (not injuries) as long as it is drunk near the source. While this water cannot be exported, travelers often come seeking its blessings.  


The local temple of Ungween is quite impressive for a town your size, and the clerics maintain a guard around the clearing that holds the source of the spring, granting amulets to those who have "demonstrated their devotion to Ungween" which allow entrance. This largely means travelers will make a significant donation to the temple or, if they lack means, commit to serving the temple for a certain period in order to gain an amulet.   The clerics of the temple are generally good neighbors and are well-liked by the townsfolk. It helps that children born within the town are given amulets for free if their parents perform the naming ceremony at the temple. Very few long-term residents don't possess an amulet.


Notable residents:

High Priest Galfan – Human man, head of the clerics at the temple of Ungween

Mayor Fara – Elven woman, on good terms with the temple and renowned for her honesty and good judgement. Has held office for over 40 years, generally running unopposed.

Rikki Reachart - Halfling woman, owns one of the town's two inns, the Laughing Lark.

Jiles Mardeep – Dwaven man, owns the town's second inn, the Resting Barrel.

Boris – Town drunk.  Most often found passed out below a particular tree.


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