Sirocco is a medium-sized continent surrounded by rough seas. Residents are aware of nearby islands to the west, but travel to and from these islands is perilous. They generally speak as if the continent of Sirocco is synonymous with the entire world, although it is not known for sure if this is true.

Although many cultures exist on the continent, one pantheon of deities is worshipped by all religious. Most major towns and cities were founded upon the discovery of some miraculous spot sacred to a deity or another – Brightwater's disease-curing spring, Nava's plaza of honesty, Siftelay's timeless caverns.

There are no kingdoms, as such. There are many people who claim rulership, but typically only of a specific city, while frequently demanding tribute from and offering protection to nearby smaller settlements.

Arcane magic in Sirocco is a bit odd. Most spells work as intended, but the occasional spell misfires, no matter the skill level of the practitioner. These misfires can have effects ranging from an enhancement or weakening of the spell to the casting of a completely different spell with a completely different target. Most frequently, the effects are odd, temporary, and relatively harmless. Mostly. There is generally healthy business for those skilled in counterspells and removing enchantments, but magic practitioners still remain relatively common. (Check the Wild Magic section of the 5E handbook under sorcerer – what I have in mind is very similar to that, but for all non-divine spellcasters.)


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